Sometimes at the past, my husband got some persistent pains in the esophagus that seemed as though they would not be cured. The symptoms are similar to that of sore throat (pharyngitis) such as never ending cough at the night, dry itchy throat, and secreted phlegm that is hard to be expectorated. These were very annoying and disturbing. After visit one to other specialist doctor for many times, finally the correct diagnosis was found. It turned out that the disease was Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or used to be shortened as GERD, it was not pharyngitis. Patient with GERD sometime experience symptoms like that of dyspepsia which is nausea, bloating, burning sensation in the chest, abdominal pain. Therefore, people often confuse GERD with sore throat. The other disorder that commonly confused with GERD is gastritis (dyspepsia). Because many illness share similar symptoms, we need careful examination of the patient to make accurate diagnosis. We sure the disease is GERD when the doctor studied the X-ray of my husband’s chest. With the accurate diagnosis and right medicine based on prescription, the disease could be cured. Unfortunately, the illness recurs sometimes throughout the year, particularly in the busy time when my husband has to cope with the increased workload. What is the right way to take in order to prevent a recurrence of the illness?

GERD is a gastric indigestion function disorder, a condition in which gastric contents and acid flow up from the stomach into the esophagus. The difference between GERD and gastritis is that the part of the body where the irritation occurs, GERD is related to irritation in the esophagus meanwhile gastritis is related to irritation in the stomach. Gastroesophageal refer to gastric and esophagus. Reflux means flow-back. Therefore gastroesophageal reflux is a disorder of indigestion system function where the contents and acid flow back up from the stomach into the esophagus. This is happen because the lower esophageal sphinter (LES) improperly weakens or loses tone so that can not close completely after food empties into the stomach, and acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus. The result is the patients suffer from itchy throat and cough. In the normal indigestion, when the food swallowed and go through the throat the LES opens and let food enter the stomach. Then LES closes immediately to preventregurgitation of the stomach contents, including gastric acid.

Change of lifestyle and eating habits are the keys to cure GERD. Treatment is directed to reduce reflux and decrease the damage to the esophagus layer caused by the gastric acid which flow back up to the esophagus. Avoid food and drink which can weaken the LES, some of them are chocolate, fatty foods, coffe, and alcoholic drink. The reflux symptoms can be controlled by reducing the portion of meal. Restrict the meal time to 2-3 hour before sleep, this meal time restriction can reduce reflux because this way can keep the gastric content down and decrease the gastric acid level. The over obesity also can be a cause of reflux. Related to obesity, there is three things that is causing reflux. First, the LES resistance of the fat person is not strong enough so that it is not able to hold the gastric content down when level of gastric acid increase. Second, the obesity make the pressure in the obdominal cavity higher resulting in a decrease in the level of gastric content emptying out. Third, the body fat on intersection of the gastric with esophageal change the important anatomical relation to crura (septum between chest and abdomen) which is designed to prevent reflux. This body fat disturb the capability of crura in preventing reflux. Other thing that weaken LES is smoking. You are required to quit smoking if you want to be cured of GERD. Sleep on the special designed bed is another way to decrease the reflux, this special designed bed enable you to adjust the elevation so that the head of bed raise 6 inch higher than the leg. This sleep position use the gravity to help reducing gastric content flow back to esophagus. Do not use pillow to make the sleep position like that, because the higher pillow position only will increase the pressure on stomach.

Along with suggestion to change lifestyle and eating habit, doctor also give a prescription for antacid. This antacid can help neutralizing acid in the esophagus and gastric-acid and also stop the heartburn. Many people feel antacid that bought without prescription can reduce pain temporaly or partly. Antacid that combined with foam material in the gastro can help some GERD patients. That combination is convinced that can set up a defence in the form a foam in the upper stomach so that the reflux can be prevented. However the usage of antacid in the long time has bad side effect. These side effect including diarrhoea, the change in the calcium metabolism, and an accumulation of magnesium in the body. Magnesium accumulation is very dangerous for person who suffer from renal failure/ renal problem. You should consult with the doctor about antacid usage for more than two weeks.

There is other GERD treatment which is relatively safe, it is natural treatment that use herbal. One of the herbals used in the GERD treatment is Lemon. Is it true that Lemon can be used to cure GERD? It have been controversial question for years. Lemon has approximately 1.44 gram citric acid per one ounce lemon juice. Some people said that high acid content can trigger off gastric acid fluid flow back to esopagus. However, that happens only if the lemon juice consumed regularly in a large quantity. On the contrary, when it is mixed with fresh water, the nature of lemon juice will be alkaline that neutralize acid which is a cause of reflux. So it is the nature that make lemon juice can be a natural treatment for GERD.

A research that was done by Jidong Sun PhD proved that D-Limonene, a main content of lemon juice can effectively cure GERD and heartburn. In his research Jidong involved 19 respodents consist of GERD adult patients. All the respondents are chronic GERD patient who has moderate to serious symptons for at least 5 years. Before consume D limonene, the respondents asked to quit the treatment that they have been received. Then the respondents asked to consume one capsule containing 1000 mg D-limonene every day. On the second day, 32 percent of respondent feel the GERD symptons significantly decreased. The level of cure continues to improve during treatment using D-Limonene. On the 14 th day, 89 percent of respondents completely cure GERD after undergo this D-Limonene treatment. Therefore the research result indicate the benefit of D-limonene to cure GERD improves over the time. The best result achieved after the D-Limonene capsule is taken at least ten days. However there is no clearly established mechanism by which D-limonene is so effective. The in vitro study stated the possibility that D-Limonene neutralizing gastric acid impact by covering and protecting surface of mucous membram from grastic acid exposure .

You should know the Lemon juice’s nature that make it is highly effective to cure GERD:

  1. Form calcium carbonate which neutralize the digestion acid
  2. Balance the body’ s pH.
  3. Relief the pain and inflamation in the chest and esophagus.
  4. Balance the acid/ alcaline level so that the digestion system can function appropriately.   
  5. Contain vitamin C and A, pectin and fiber that are required by the body in order to function appropriately. In addition to that, lemon juice help to cure acid- reflux and other various symptons caused by acid-reflux.
  6. Contain selenium, pottasium, and calcium. Potassium can effectively help in neutralizing gastric acid.
  7. Has high alcaline’s nature and its content of glucose is very low so that its alcaline effect is far beyond its acidity’s nature.
  8. Reduce the inflammation that cause the pain in digestion system.
  9. Naturally the lemon juice is antibacterial so that capable of killing germs causing digestion problems.
  10. Remove the various toxins and impurities from intestines, kidneys, and other digestion organs.
  11. Make the hydrochloric production in gastro and bile production in the liver is done on regular basis. Both elements is very important for the appropriate nutrient assimilation process of food.


There are many ways/recipes for healing GERD by using Lemon. One of the most easy way is mixing lemon juice with warm fresh water. The method shall be as follows: 1. Prepare one glass of fresh water (250 ml). 2. Squeeze the juice from a lemon into the glass of water and mix it well. 3. Drink these combination of lemon juice and water regularly every morning just after wake up. You can also drink this lemon juice and water 45 minute before meal. This is the most practise and simple way but you also can mix the lemon juice with honey to gain the sweeter taste.

In order for the safety of the treatment, You should pay attention to the suggestion on the lemon juice use to cure GERD. Do not use lemon juice in excessive amount because it can irritate the lining of esophagus. Reduce the consumption of sour food except lemon juice. Always dilute the lemon juice with fresh water ( The lemon juice has alwys to be diluted by fresh water). In order to get the best result, you should use the fresh water with room temperature. Every one reacts differently to lemon juice, try this lemon juice treatment for one week to decide whether this method is suitable for you. Consult your doctor, if you still suffer from reflux after have undergone this treatment. Based on my private experience, the lemon juice is very effective to cure GERD. Only by drink the lemon juice that mix with fresh water, you can get rid of the annoying gerd. Lets Try it!         

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