So many people dream of the ideal weight. Two main reason to loose weight are getting healthy and improving physical apperance. But it is not easy to loose weight in order to keep slim and healthy. Working load and the busy dinamic era make the people hard to manage healthy eating habit and to have time to do exercise to lose weight, to become healthy and fit. One other way to help you loose weight is taking the benefit of herb. The power of herb help you to manage eating habit. Some herb can stimulates metabolism and curb your appetite. If you has really limited time to do exercise, and have no time to go to the gym, spare  a tiny little bit of time to do it yourself in your home. The most effective way to loose weight is the combination of eating habit management and regular exercise. You can intensify effort to accelerate the weight loose process and get tight muscle by using this combined way, manage eating habit by herbs and do exercise at home without go to the gym.  

Herbs That Help You Loose Weight

  1. Temumangga) or Sundanese  called it ‘koneng lalab’ and known as  white turmeric (kunyit putih). Usually white tumeric is eaten as food like other vegetable, it is not commonly use as spices or flavoring.  After giving birth,  a women can chew some shred of curcuma mangga in order to shrink enlarged uterus size and reduce belly fat after pregnancy. The benefit of white tumeric for nursing mother is a means to boost the production of breast milk. To facilitate breast milk, crush a shred of tumeric finely into a powder and apply the crushed tumeric around the breast twice a day. As for loose weight curcuma has active agent, namely curcumin which is capable of reducing adipose tissue formation. The reduction of adipose tissue formation carried out by curcumin by inhibiting angiogenesis which is required for the gowth and expansion of adipose tissue.  In this way curcumin help us to decrease body fat and prevent obesity.
  2. Labu kuning) is also known as squash or pumpkin (labu parang, waluh). Squash  possess  diuretic activity so that it is capable of melting away the buildup fatty deposit, or plaque in arteries and improving metabolism system. Cucurbita moschata stalk extract that is soluble in water with the code name PG105 has anti-obesity effect. The study that use mouse as animal experimentation proved that the extract can prevent obesity  by controling body fat metabloism. In addition to that, PC105 restrain the excess fat formation in liver and increase the antioxidants activit. The use of PG105 able to significantly  decrease blood cholesterol and  trigliserin. The research result show that PG105has high potency as anti-obesity agent because it capable of preventing body fat production and accelerate fatty acid degradation. Researchers in the next study are trying to isolate the biological active agent contained in that extract. When the extract is purified, the main component is determined as Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol (DHCA). The data conclude that  DHCA affect adipogenesis (fatty tissue formation) and Lipogenesis (a process of fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis from glucose or other substrates). DHCA decrease fat body accumulation without affect the cell’s growth capability.
  3. Cinnamon (Kayu Manis) Cinnamon is able to help in increasing metabolism and particulary useful to circulation of blood sugar because cinnamon may play a role in contolling blood sugar by helping glucose get into your cells. The more higher metabolism the more food you can eat without gaining weight. A person with a low/slow metabolism will burn fewer calories at rest and during activity therefore he or she has to eat less to avoid becoming overweight.Cinnamon’s capability to increase glucose metabolism is approximately twenty times higher. Cinnamon also can thin your blood because it contain coumarin, a chemical that acts as a powerful anticoagulant. The thinner blood is better for the circulatory system. Commonly the high flow blood circulation can increase metabolism.   This high metabolism can help to lose weight. But, do not consume cinnamon along with any other blood thinner drug. The main component that make your blood become less thick is  Coumarin, a substance that exist in Cassia Cinnamon with high dose (4%) but contained in Ceylon Cinnamon with low dose (0,04%). So Cassia is rich source of coumarin, this is bad new because studies show that  coumarin may increase the risk of liver toxicity and damage. In high enough doses, coumarin can cause liver damage in small group of sensitive individual. Although you have to careful not to eat too much cinnamon, you don’t need  to be so worry because Ikhllas Khan who authored the study on coumarin said only certai  individual are even going to be susceptible to liver issue from coumarin. But still you have to be cautious of choosing the kind of cinnamin, concerning coumarin content, the Ceylon Cinnamon is better to be chosen. So we need to know the differences between Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon . Most of the world’s Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. It’s mean up to 80-90 % ceylon cinnamon come from Sri Lanka. Cassia cinnamon mainly comes from Indonesia, which is responsible for about two thirds of the crop. The rest come from China, Vietnam, and Burma. Ceylon is more rare and more expensive. Ceylon is lighter, softer brown in color, and has sweeter tasting than Cassia. In the form of powder it is harder to see the difference but in the form of  stick the diffrence it is easier to see. Sticks of real cinnamon  (ceylon cinnamon) will be filled (picture a cigar) and have multiple layer, whereas Ceylon is uneven thick bark that forms only few layer when rolled up. Ceylon cinammo has the properties of delicate, sweet with subtle notes of clove. Ceylon creates an excellent flavor for pastries, cakes, and desserts while cassiva is pungent really suitable for chinese meat recipes.

Moreover, the dream body shape and ideal weight is not gained only by eating these herbs. You also have to develop healthy eating habit and do routine exercise daily. Get rid of anything that is hindering you from exercising. If you can go out to do exercise, try to find a way to do it in your own home by yourself. You can buy sport equipment to do exercise at your own home any time when you want. You can do exercise at home anytime regardless of bad weather. Doing exercise at home allow you to freely manage the time in accordance with your tight schedule.



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